Walking on Sunshine

Share this:  Projects may succeed or not. We may get the glory and fortune we hanker for, from something we.
Share this:  When life trips us up, let’s use that fall to bounce off the ground and rise higher than.
Share this:  Whatever that’s not happening in our life, whatever that’s not going right, how about we stop feeling frustrated,.
Share this:  Be it a project at work, be it a relationship, be it something we’ve volunteered to do, be.
Share this:   Everything takes up as much time as we allow them. Now we have a tendency to prioritize the.
Share this: Whatever it is that we’re dreading, rest assured our mind makes it far worse in our imagination than.
Share this: There’s so much we want to accomplish, so much we want to experience. Deadlines, goals, fun stuff –.
Share this:  We ask for a great life, we want to be achievers. But when the opportunities for the same.
Share this:  Shit happens. A lot of it. Things go wrong. Plans fail. But the key to remember is that.
Share this:  And what isn’t, isn’t. A simple fact. But one that we find so hard to make peace with..

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