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Share this:    Trust our decisions and choices. No second guessing.   Trust the people we have put our faith in..
Share this:  When things don’t work out or all of a sudden our plans come to a grinding halt, it.
Share this:  We value money and material possessions. We value some of our relationships. We value our health and wellness,.
Share this: So we’re itching to hit the 10 km mark in our runs but it’s just not happening, body.
Share this: One doesn’t necessarily have to jump out of a plane but if we have been dreaming of doing that.
Share this:  Forget what we know lies waiting for us in this day, the million dollar question is what do we.
Share this: Take your hurt, turn it into art . So goes the line. But it’s not just applicable to.
Share this:  When despite our best efforts, we just don’t seem to be getting to our goal, feeling a little.

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