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Share this:  That’s each one of us. Individuals. Unique talents,  unique destinies, unique journeys. Nothing in our life can be.
Share this:  What do we want to say Bye to, today?  An old grudge, that should have been long forgotten.
Share this: Be it a workout or run or writing a book or a complicated conversation or anything else that.
Share this:  No I’m too tired, I’ll work out tomorrow. No it’s been a tough day, I’ll work on this.
Share this:  Not rewards, not approval, not fame or glory, single-mindedly let’s pursue excellence. In our work, in our dealings.
Share this:  How long are we going to keep wailing that circumstances are against us? How long are we going.
Share this:  We understand the word Victory in a very narrow sense. If we get the job, the project or.
Share this:  Projects may succeed or not. We may get the glory and fortune we hanker for, from something we.

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