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Share this: Almost at year end. There’s a tendency to look back on the year, feel good about our successes,.
Share this:  But we do. We settle for less money at work. We settle for  less satisfaction and more unhappiness.
Share this:  Life is slipping away, faster than we know. So we really don’t have time to angst about mistakes,.
Share this: No two snowflakes are alike. Each one is one of a kind, totally unique. So too are we,.
Share this: Our tendency is to look at what we want to possess, be it projects or people or possessions..
Share this: The easy solutions are obvious to us. We know how to do, what we need to and move.
Share this:   Trust our decisions and choices. No second guessing.   Trust the people we have put our faith in. Let’s.
Share this:  When things don’t work out or all of a sudden our plans come to a grinding halt, it.
Share this:  We value money and material possessions. We value some of our relationships. We value our health and wellness,.
Share this: So we’re itching to hit the 10 km mark in our runs but it’s just not happening, body.

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