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Book writer in India

As an author, Anand Sivakumaran works transcend many genres. Anand’s joy in using words to create images and evoke emotions in the reader’s heart make him stand out as one of the Best Authors of India.

One of The Best Authors of India

Natasha Mehra must die

Natasha Mehra Must Die

Natasha Mehra must die is part 1 of the Doomsday trilogy and has been picked up by Fingerprint Publishing. Natasha Mehra Must Die is a thriller with mythological overtones.

Synopsis - What if your own name becomes your death warrant?

Natasha Mehra, campus oddball and social outcast, hated her name, it had tormented her childhood and now her college life, but even she never thought it would be the reason she would be on the run from a horrific death… Someone is bumping off every woman, girl, child named Natasha Mehra and unless she can find out who and why, she’ll be next...

What Natasha doesn't know is that these murders aren't random acts of a psychopathic killer but part of a conspiracy hatched over 2 millennia ago...

Orchestrating this titular genocide is The Kul, an omnipresent, omnipotent, organization that has been determining the course of world affairs since their very inception around 500 BC. While bringing down governments, causing economic meltdowns, masterminding riots and the occasional pogrom, annihilating prospective heads of state who didn't fit in with their agenda for the world - are all part of The Kul’s daily to do list, their real raison d'être is to prevent a mythical prophecy from coming true.

And the success or failure of this 2000-year-old mission will determine the ultimate destruction or survival of all humankind!

Which is why Natasha Mehra Must Die…

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64 is a heart-breaking love story

Synopsis - Love stories are supposed to be eternal right?

Not this time, this one comes with an expiry date.

The line outside the US embassy, waiting for a visa interview is the last place one would expect to meet the love of one's life. But that's what happened to Akshay and Meera.

Letting yourself fall in love when you know the other person will be gone in precisely 64 days is a stupid idea. But that's exactly what Akshay and Meera did.

Diving into a no holds barred summer romance when neither of you believe in long distance relationships sounds like the perfect recipe for heartbreak. That's the risk Akshay and Meera were willing to take.
People spend a lifetime together and never really get to know each other, far less love or complete each other. Akshay and Meera are determined to live the love of a lifetime in 64 days.

Impossible? Well, aren't the best love stories just that?

The C Word

The C Word is a fun romp about a guy who makes a promise of chastity to God and then lives to regret it. The Woman on The Cliff is a supernatural thriller about guilt and redemption

Anand Sivakumaran's intended future works will encompass nostalgia, science-fiction, fantasy and horror

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